Professor & Public Speaker

Dr. Norris J. Chumley is on the faculty of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, in the Kanbar Institute for Undergraduate Film and Television.  He also gives frequent lectures, talks and screenings.

Please email Dr. Chumley’s representatives: consultation (at)


Feedback from Dr. Chumley’s workshops and speeches:

“People are still talking about the film and his presentation; they were even calling me at home over the weekend and were so thankful for the experience.”

— K.C., Chicago businessman who organized a benefit event with Dr. Norris as the keynote speaker.  1,200 people attended at $40/ticket.

“Dr. Norris blends a deep knowledge of the topic of ancient Christian traditions with a personal passion and experiential wisdom. He offers his hearers not an abstract body of information but a gift of living, dynamic meaning for their lives.”

— Will O’Brien, Director, Alternative Seminary, Philadelphia.  Community screening.

“We had the pleasure of hosting a screening of Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer with Norris at our church, Circle of Hope, in Philadelphia. Over 65 people came on a Tuesday night to practice the Jesus Prayer, watch the documentary, and learn a little bit from Norris about his vision and the “making-of” during a Q&A session… He exudes hospitality, gratitude, and a love for Christ which is quite contagious. He was a delight to work with and I’m excited for how the Jesus Prayer will continue to take root in our communal life.”

— Vanessa Caruso, Circle of Hope, Philadelphia.  Church event.

“This VASTLY exceeded my expectations… Dr. Norris quickly made the program comfortable for all of us…it progressed and I gradually opened up in ways I never had before…  The most profound thing I am taking away is HOPE.”

  — Tom, Engineer, New York.

“A 6 (above) excellent on a 5-point scale.  An amazing balance of fun and playful, with serious content.”

— Andrea.  Vermont.  Teacher/gardener/mother.

“Dr. Norris created an amazing environment for sharing and feedback, which was extremely supportive.  Wonderful!  Surpassed my expectations.”

— Marion.  New Mexico.  Non-profit Executive Director.